Our goal at Squeaky Sneaks is to customize your step

with one-of-a-kind shoes.

Our sneaks are perfect for all ages and all sizes!
You get to pick the look of your shoe!
When you put on a pair of Squeaky Sneaks you are wearing an original piece of art, custom made just for you.

Each pair is hand painted with determined detail.
Our colors are stronger than Tarzan!
Let your personality shine!
Keiko from Japan says her Squeaky Sneaks are her "magic shoes!"
We guarantee the joy that our products bring.
Noel from Ireland says, "Squeaky Sneaks make me fly!"

We paint on your shoes whatever makes you smile.

Our designs incorporate street-art, graffiti, calligraphy, comic styles, and influences from working and traveling in the Far East.

Ab from Kuwait says Squeaky Sneaks are, "BY FAR THE BEST!"

Animate your SOLE!

Dream in color!
Anyone can buy shoes, but no one will have a custom pair of Squeaky Sneaks that represent their style like you!
Squeaky Sneaks won't make your life perfect, only a couple shades brighter!

To Place An Order Contact Mike At: squeaky.sneaks@yahoo.com

Thanks for showing us love!

Additional work by Mike can be found at: http://www.offthawalls.blogspot.com/